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Dear Israel,
You have been fighting Palestine for about 60 years now, using advanced weapons and America’s financial aid against a country that has no army, no weapons, no money and no central government. And you still haven’t managed to win. When will you get it? You can’t beat a country that is protected by Allah.

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لا تَجعلْ الحَمدُ للهِ دَليلَ ألم ..!
افهمِ الحَمدَ واعرِف مِن هُو الله ..
قُلِ الحمد للهِ وأنتَ مُبتسمٌ ..
الحمد للهِ حمداً تستطبَّ بهِ جِراحُنا ..
وبِها يغدُو الفؤادُ غَنيّـاً ..



قواعد العشق الأربعون

اليف شافاق

"What is patience? It’s looking at the thorns & seeing the flower, looking at the darkness of the night & seeing the dawn. Whereas impatience is being so short sighted that you fail to forsee the outcome.
Those inlove with God never run out of patience as they know that for a crescent to become a full moon, it needs time.”


جدة - البلد